Just as our name Nations Contracting and Roofing says; we love the Nations. 

Nations inc. is sponsoring a diversity of projects around the globe. We see it as our mission to help people, to facilitate opportunities for people in need. 

Also, we provide scholarships and a ministry workplace for Christ for the Nations students and alumni's.

Alumni's of Teen Challenge are welcome in our company to learn to work in a healthy and stable workplace where we will provide life and workplace coaching. 


Our president, John Hatcher, is very present in Romania, our team often travels with him. Through Nations Inc. we are able to fund several projects in Romania;


Christ for Romania:

Christ for Romania is a Romanian Bible school in Cluj-Napoca that has connections with CFNI Dallas. 

John Hatcher, our president, often travels to Romania to teach and equip the students in marketplace ministry and life coaching. 

During the summer, his family travels with him to volunteer in different youth/children camps. 




Phoneo is an organization in Reghin, Romania that is owned by Ronald and Paulien Wolthuis. They facilitate help to the poor population of their city. 

Their projects are preschool/homework program, Homeplace, Food care, safe houses, shelters, church, ministry training school, and many children programs/camps. 

We as Nations Inc. sponsored Phoneo several times, every chance we get, we visit this organization and help where it is needed. 




Rupia is a small village next to Brasov in Romania. In this village, the population is very poor and needy. Nations inc. goes every year to Cugir and facilitate children camps and provides funding and materials. 


Teen Challenge:

Alumni's of Teen Challenge are welcome to work in Nations Contracting and Roofing. We believe that through life and workplace coaching we can help and train the alumni's. 

We love this project cause the result is visible. 



Christ for the Nations:

Nations Contracting and Roofing provides scholarships for the international students that want to attend Chris for the Nations. Our president, John Hatcher, is an alumnus from CFNI and a well-known guest in the marketplace major, for this major he has set up a special internship program at Nations Contracting and Roofing.